Imagine a micro farm in the comfort of your home that allows you to grow your own nutrient rich tasting organic vegetables. It is possible, if you want a life-changing experience. Plant a large universe of leafy greens, herbs, micro-greens including some root vegetables and harvest a daily fresh meal for you and your family. The affordable smart modular growing system provides insight from seed-to-fork so you know exactly what your family is eating from the organic soil to heirloom seeds and straight to your fork.

urban farming made easy

seed the soil

Plant your seeds or place a pre-seeded salad tray in modgarden!


Your modgarden mobile app uses sensors to keep track of what you grow.


Your 100% organic salad is ready, snip it daily and enjoy!

envision life with modgarden

Organic/GMO Free for Life!
Grow plants the way they were meant to be, in a complex living organic soil environment. An environment for the plants to extract nutrients naturally and with it the purity of taste. Give thought and meaning back to your food.
Year Round Farming
Now you can grow year round without concern for weather or pollution.
Full Traceability
You know exactly who touched your food right from the organic soil to your palate. No more worry about herbicides, nor the need to spray preservatives for trucking, for extending grocery shelf life, nor the need to worry how many people have touched your food in between, before it gets to you. It’s all you! *On average, food trucked to a grocery store is touched by 10 different hands before you eat it….yuck!
Practical for your family
With the floor unit (Eggplant) you have enough growing space in modgarden to grow your daily servings requirements of vegetables so you'll never have to wonder what you're really buying from the grocery store.
Nutrient Profile
We’ll also share insights on how well you’re eating with your daily intake of vitamins and minerals and let you know if you're missing any nutrient and how to get them so you and your family can stay healthy.
We Teach you to be a Smart Grower/View your micro-Farm from Anywhere (Which one?)
modgarden has built-in sensors that allow you to monitor all that you grow. You can even view your plants with a built-in camera if you’re away. Watch tutorials that make growing easy as pie, especially if something appears to be going wrong, our app is there every step of the way with you! Available both on the web and on your mobile device.

mod features

the modgarden mission

Modgarden is on a mission to pair beautiful, energetic design with a simple way to grow your own food. We have shrunk food production and made it possible for everyone to own a tiny farm right in the city (in your own condo or home). Join our tiny farming community and enhance your lifestyle by sowing, smelling, snipping and savouring the evocative taste of real food.

responsive devices


Imagine having a helper app to teach you what to plant, when to water, how to grow and when/how to harvest. Built for the busy urban dweller, modgarden is an automated easy growing system that allows you to grow with ease.

  • monitor daily nutrition consumption

    Input the vegetables consumed to monitor consumption and seek recommendations on fulfilling daily nutritional requirements.

  • Smart Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts to stay updated with the growing environment

  • Cost Saving

    Receive insights related to cost savings and yield of total produce to get a holistic view related to monetary savings

  • Diagnostics & Control

    Built-in camera takes images of your plants intermittently and leverages modgarden’s (patent pending) Image comparison technology for instant insights into your plants’ health.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Proprietary Artificial Intelligence framework helps the application learn based on experience and compare real-time findings with reference data to help optimize growth.