Meet tinyFarm, your “fifth” appliance 


living food.

From life, for life.

Control of pure food back into your hands.

Do you know where your food is coming from?

Farms have been pushed away as cities expand.

On average, food travels between 5 to 10 days and is touched by 15 to 33 hands before landing on your fork.

With tinyFarm you can harvest organic greens at your fingertips.

Are the veggies you’re eating chemical free?

Less than 1% of the 911 million acres of US farms are certified organic.

Most chronic issues can be solved with pure wholesome food grown regeneratively.

Food is no longer grown with love and care but by corporations that produce it like a commodity.

Is your organic produce unaffordable?

Only four agro-chemical giant corporations control 60% of the global seed sales.

There were 1,000’s of seed growers just 80 years ago.

Centralization puts control into the hands of corporations who care only for profits.

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Our products fit into a closed loop food economy.

Grow modularly in your home stacking, vertically or horizontally across a wall.

Grow microgreens, leafy greens or herbs and even some deeper rooted plants. Then compost it with your kitchen scraps.

Organic tinySoil TM and tinySeeds TM

tinyFarm TM

Nature is a web of interconnections.

Our urban impact is also holistic, not cherry picked.

Beyond Business

Modgarden Foundation meets eleven of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Modgarden meets 11 UN SDGs


Imagine having a helper app to teach you what to plant, when to water, how to grow and texts you when to harvest.

Built for the busy urban dweller, automated for easy growing.

Monitor daily nutrition consumption

Input the food you ate, to see if you got all your vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and more, for the day.

Smart alerts

Receive real-time alerts to stay updated with the growing environment.

Cost savings

Receive insights related to cost and how much you save by growing your own.

Diagnostics & control

Built-in camera takes images of your plants and leverages Modgarden’s (patent pending) image comparison technology for instant insights into your plants’ health.

Recommendation engine

Imagine getting a text: “If you increase the temp in your home by 1 degree on average, the mineralization of your plant will increase by 10%”. Proprietary Artificial Intelligence helps the application learn overtime and compare real-time findings with reference data to optimize growth.

TinyFarm Appliance Demo

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