5 Reasons We Need TinyFarms in Our Classrooms

Put a Tiny Farm modgarden in your school.
Have you ever wanted your kids to play on a farm at school—to grow and learn about where  food comes from (more often than just the summer months)? It's now possible with a TinyFarm in the classroom. Modgarden is offering to send a free TinyFarm to school for every 2,000 email address (above the age of 18 years old) collected. Read on....

Think back to when you were a kid, sitting in your elementary school classroom. Do you remember any lessons from back then?

Chances are the lessons you remember most fondly are the ones where you got your hands dirty. Remember those rare occasions when you were allowed to roll up your sleeves and learn hands-on about the world around you? Well, we think our TinyFarm has plenty of lessons to offer kids about responsibility, healthy living and the environment. Not to mention the importance of getting your hands a bit dirty.

Here’s our top tiny list of reasons to put more TinyFarms into classrooms.

Hands-on Lessons Offer Richer Learning Experiences

The most popular type of learning among young kids is kinaesthetic learning (aka - getting the hands dirty). Growing food in the classroom provides experiential opportunities that create engaged students and deeper understanding of concepts. A TinyFarm is a little box of lessons just waiting to be discovered.

TinyFarms Require Less Space

No longer do you need a garden patch in the school yard to teach kids about the benefits of growing their own food. A TinyFarm fits nicely in the corner of any classroom and provides the same enriching learning experiences in a fraction of the space (even during the winter months!), yup year round!

TinyFarms Are Less Costly in the Long Run

Saving space = saving money. Urban areas are hard-pressed to find extra space to offer classroom learning about growing your own food. Instead of investing in landscaping, or extra land to make a garden, the TinyFarm is a simpler and more cost-effective solution to offer kids the same exciting hands-on learning experience.

TinyFarms Offer Consistent Results

Outdoor learning is great! However, a TinyFarm is a source for learning in every season. Kids can grow different plants (herbs, lettuces, micro-greens) indoors and always learn a lesson along the way without weather or the outdoors getting involved. Teachers can more easily design lesson plans around indoor TinyFarms than outdoor gardening projects.

TinyFarms Are Just Fun

Let’s be real. Lessons stick when they are fun! Kids will get a kick out of seeing their seedlings sprout into edible delights. A TinyFarm offers the same fun and delicious rewards as regular gardening. However, kids will enjoy the futuristic feeling a TinyFarm brings!

We want kids across Canada and beyond to be excited to grow their own food. Our TinyFarm is a remarkable teaching tool for kids. By putting a TinyFarm in a classroom, we’re helping kids learn the lessons they’ll need to change the world for the better.

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March 23, 2017

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