Oh the Places You Can Grow!

Oh the Places You Can Grow!

Hey! Pop your imagination cap on. Follow us through this visual journey and learn about all the places and spaces that you can grow living, organic veggies in the city. It's a TinyFarm thing...and we think you're going to dig it.

You won't believe all the places you can grow!

“I remember when we used to grow plants in the ground.”

That’s probably what some of you might be telling your kids in the not too distant future. With a quickly growing population and environmental concerns, solutions for sustainable food are necessary. Less space for plants in the ground means you have to start getting creative with where you can grow crops.

Luckily, the TinyFarm is the new home for your organic herbs, micro greens and more. Just think of all the new places we can grow!

Your House

It’s the future of farming! Modern technology allows us to grow greens in more efficient ways than ever. With a TinyFarm it’s now possible to provide yourself with an individual or family-sized amount of organically grown vegetables all year round. There’s nothing better than plucking and placing your own garnish on home cooked meals.

Your Apartment or Condo

The modern apartment or condo dweller needs something stylish to suit a small space. Seeing stacked vibrant veggies adds life to urban living like nothing else. It becomes a living functional focal point to tie a room together. No need to lament not having your own garden, all your friends will want to come over for a living salad!

At Work

Healthy employees are happy employees. Many are catching onto the benefits of incorporating healthy eating programs in the workplace. Employees who eat well are less prone to heart disease, cancer, anxiety and stress. Why settle for the water cooler when you could chat over some freshly grown grub?

At School

Kids who grow their own vegetables are more inclined to eat them. But that’s not all! When kids get their hands messy, they learn hands on lessons about the environment, biology, food production that really stick for life. The future of farming is in their hands, and the TinyFarm is the perfect place to learn about it.

That’s just a small sliver of the possibilities an indoor TinyFarm creates. It’s a sustainable solution for any space.

If you’re curious of the places you might be able to grow, we encourage you to join our mailing list. We don’t send many emails, but will keep you informed of the future of farming and where we’ll be growing next!

April 11, 2017

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