The Future of Farming is Teeny Tiny

modgarden teeny tiny farm, creating a new generation of teeny tinyfarmers
We're creating a new generation of teeny, tiny farmers who are paving the new urban farming way and asking how our food grows, where it comes from, and if it's healthy! Do you trust the grocery store or anyone for that matter, to tell you the truth about the purity of our food, if it was really organic and ultimately where, really, did it come from?

When we say “tiny farming”, we are not only talking about parking an organic farm right on your kitchen counter, or as an iconic coffee table. We are also talking about Modgarden as a life-changing product for adults and kids. 

Let’s talk about who will use the tinyfarm. Who will be our tiny farmers? At Modgarden we’re invested not only in the “now” but also in the future of farming. With that in mind, we’re cultivating the next generation of tinyfarmers—kids! Our “teeny, tiny farmers.”

We’re excited to launch our first tinyfarm this spring (sign up to get yours here).

It will surely change the way you eat, and the way you live - and the way you grow. 

And so it has been crafted with kids (our future) in mind.

Of course, grown-ups love the simplicity, beauty and functionality of this indoor organic garden, but we think the tinyfarm will have a profound impact on our children; the teeny, tiny people that truly run the household. Before you go any further, ask yourself these questions:

1.     Do you want to set your kid up with life-changing skills?
2.     Do you want to improve your kid’s health?
3.     Do you want to empower your kid to feel like they’re providing real value for their family?
4.     Do you want your kids to LOVE vegetables?

Are you still on the fence about kids growing their own food?

Consider these mind-boggling points:

We teach our kids how to ride bikes, write and read.
Have you thought about teaching them where their food comes from? And how to grow it? Exactly! What life lesson could be more valuable?

Having trouble getting your kids to eat veggies? Most parents are caught in this rite-of-passage. But guess what? Modgarden has a secret:  When kids sow seeds, watch them grow and are in charge of harvesting their own food, they’re five times more likely to eat food that they have grown themselvesThis means that, yes, your kids may start to love veggies when they’ve had the unique opportunity to cultivate their dinner, from seed to salad.

Do you give your kids vitamins? We bet you do (some sort of gummy that they beg for?) What about having a vitamin depot in your home that dispenses organic, green goodness at the flick of a switch? Now that’s an organic vitamin dispenser you can get behind!

Kids love to do things themselves. Do you ever hear older generations rave about the merits of giving small children chores or jobs to help them feel valued and confident? We say make farming part of this roster. Give teeny tiny farmers control over what they're eating by letting them grow their greens. It will help them to feel confident, curious and connected to their food.

Kids can be the best farmers in your family. Really! Why? They’re patient, logical, reasonable…well, most times. Kids possess a natural interest in helping out with important daily tasks. By helping out with your family’s food, they learn the importance of feeling invested in the origins of their food and learn to take pride in something healthy and homegrown. 

Convinced? Almost too good to be true?

Well, don’t take our word for it. Ask our teeny, tiny farmers. We’ll be posting videos from the tiny farming trenches. Sign-up for our updates here.

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February 12, 2017

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