The future of food—functional furniture that works for you

Own a tinyfarm, modgarden, and enjoy living organic food right in your living room or kitchen.
Have you ever seen a piece of furniture or appliance that 'gives back'? An appliance that actually has a return and can pay for itself within 4-6 months! An appliance that can yield $150 worth of organic, living produce in a month, right in the comfort of your own home and actually looks good doing it.

What’s the most impressive thing a piece of furniture has done for you lately?

We’ve spent the past 10 days at the National Home Show in Toronto, and we’ve seen all kinds of wonderful products for your home. There were plenty of exhibitors showing off their traditional furniture.  But...people who stopped by our booth saw something different. They met the future of functional furniture—a new "appliance" that works and actually gives something back.

TinyFarm, like a fridge or stove, is an appliance that will become mainstay in a home! It's the future of food. Something you can easily squeeze in your space, that provides easy to grow produce (with 'saves-serious-money-at-the-grocery-store' yields) all year long.

The founder of modgarden, Aamar, met hundreds of Home Show visitors and shared how this innovative TinyFarm can work for them. It can literally feed all of your family greens year round (and pay for itself within 4-6 months of purchase) with high value (think 40 of the most nutrient dense greens like, watercress, sunflower sprouts, or green lettuce) that literally cost an arm and a leg at the store.

I know. Crazy eh?!

TinyFarm at the National Home Show 2017

Modgarden at the Homeshow (@HomeShowTO) sold dozens of TinyFarms (@ the early-bird rate for the crowd-fund expected to start in late spring) and has opened consumers' minds to a new way of rethinking furniture and appliances.

There were plenty of things to fill your Home at the Homeshow. Our TinyTeam watched as people wrapped their head around this new concept. Some came around to the idea that the big bookshelf, or some other non-functional piece of furniture taking up space in the living room or dining room had to go. In it's place, the TinyFarm would stand, glowing with green vegetation—giving back, looking alive, interacting with you and - the origin of your family's nutrients for years to come.

Some people shook their head, unwilling to see how they would change their behaviour (or find space) to accommodate such an appliance. And this group invariably came back moments later after taking time to consider the benefits of eating a living salad daily for pennies a day.

They realized the benefits were massive—real health from living food. Health that they could control by knowing their food and where it came from.

Because without health you have nothing. 

Without health you cannot enjoy wealth.

Without health, you cannot enjoy family.

Without health, you cannot enjoy life itself.

This functional furniture made an impact this last week at the National Home Show (@HomeShowsTO). Not only did its elegant design, promise of growing your own greens at the flick of a switch and bounty of organic greens tantalize visitors, the TinyFarm demonstrated to hundreds of people that the future of food is here. A future that involves everyday consumers the ability to take control of their food production and eat well for life.

Now that's something to take home to mama!

If you want to see the TinyFarm for yourself, we will be setting up our booth again at the Green Living Show in Toronto. You can also make space for functional furniture in your home by signing up HERE.  

The future of food and furniture is here. Modgarden has made it easier for your family to enjoy fresh and affordable food, grown by you, for you.





March 20, 2017

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