Why Local Food is Better for You (and Why MORE Local is Even Better)

Why Local Food is Better for You (and Why MORE Local is Even Better)

According to Harvard Medical School, "...food traveling over long distance loses nutrients, it is better to grow and eat locally". But is that enough? Certainly, it is more traceable, less hands have touched the veggies and fruits, but buying "local" doesn't always mean it's pure. Ask your farmer if it's chemical/pesticide free and see what they say.

A lot of people want to take back their food. We deserve to know where our food comes from. That's what the local food movement is about—controlling our food supply so we can rest assured what we feed ourselves and our families is something we want to be eating. 

Farmer’s markets, community gardens, and other local programs are a great start to local food production and support.  However, we’d love to see even more people experience the power of taking back their food. Just look at all the great benefits of local food!

Less Time on the Road

Recent studies have found the less you transport the food, the more nutrient dense the food stays. There could be something to this local food thing! This article has a great breakdown of what happens after food is plucked.

Less transportation of food also means less hands touching your food, less potential for damage. And of course less transportation means a much smaller carbon foodprint.

Focus is on Freshness and Quality

The jury is out whether local food is actually healthier or more nutrient-dense. There are a lot of different factors to consider. However, you can’t deny the appeal of eating something picked fresh from a vine or field near where you live.

Local farmers also have a focus on providing the best quality produce to customers on their farms and at markets. While large scale operations focus on a healthy and consistent product, local farms focus on variety and better taste. Eating more diverse veggies from a single farmer means more diverse nutrients for the eater (even if the veggies look a little funky sometimes).

The Future of Farming is Even MORE Local

If local food is helping grow better food and a greener environment, anything we can do to make things more local is better.

With tinyFarms, transportation is no longer an issue. Produce no longer comes from the farm down the road, it comes from the box down the hall. You essentially have an indoor garden, so forget fresh produce. You’re basically eating living produce at this point!  

Why It’s a Better Choice

Of course, local food isn’t the perfect solution. We’ve talked about its limitations.

With smart technology, the process of growing your own produce is now completely automated. You get high yields, easily feeding your family with a fraction of your current food budget. Gardening and growing veggies isn’t as difficult and time consuming as it used to be.

In fact, it’s going to be the new way to bring inexpensive healthy food into homes across the world.

Reducing our foodprint is a great motivator. However, once you factor in the time saved going to the grocery store and buying groceries, suddenly you have more time in your week (maybe even enough time to sit and enjoy your salads)!

We think supporting local farmers is great and you can continue to patronize them, but becoming a tinyFarmer ensures the food you grow is always pure, always organic and only ever touched by you.

Join the movement and become your own local farmer by joining our tinyFarm community.

May 24, 2017

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