Why We Should Accept Green Technologies (Even if It's Terrifying)

Why We Should Accept Green Technologies (Even if It's Terrifying)
Green innovation is top of mind at the tinyFarm Lab. We're hunting for inspiration, collaborating with the best and reminding ourselves of all the reasons why going green is great. Find out how and why the tinyFarm is one of the most compelling green technologies to come on the market...soon.

There’s really no doubt about it, the Earth is going through some harsh environmental changes due to human activity. The world’s populations and cities are growing. This all means, the longer we wait to fix the problem, the worse the problem gets.

The good news is, many eco-minded engineers, designers and architects are coming up with innovative solutions to change human's harmful impact on our world. These green technologies WILL change the world for the better. However, some are resistant to the ideas. Even when change is good, it can be tough to accept.

We like to look at the big benefits of green technologies, both environmentally and economically. After we asked ourselves the following questions, change doesn’t seem so scary. Actually, we’re embracing it more than ever!  

The Cost

How much does your technology cost up front?

A lot of the time people see the cost of green technologies up front and turn away. Generally speaking, you’ll pay more at first for a green technology as natural materials are more expensive than others.

Does it reduce costs overall?

A well-designed green technology should save you money over time. Energy efficient solutions save energy which saves you money, keeping carbon emissions down to avoid taxes saves money, even simple practices like growing your own vegetables in your apartment can save you lots of money over time.

The Process

Are these technologies easier to use?

If you’re going to change how people do things, you better make it easy for them! While push mowers are more environmentally friendly, they certainly don’t make it easy to mow the lawn. However, if we gave people a solar-powered automatic lawn mower, they'd be much more excited about trimming their turf with minimal environmental impact.

Are there any improvements made?

If you make things easy, great! If you make things better, well then you’re golden! You may have heard that Tesla’s cars outperform many of the other cars in the category. Bonus points to that solar-powered lawn mower if it also cuts the grass better than the gas-powered one.

The Effect

Is the environment better off in the long term?

Advancements like green buildings show forward thinking. We need greens on this earth to provide oxygen.  Growing greens on the sides or tops of buildings is one solution to maximize space and give us the greens we need. Buildings account for more CO2 emissions than the transportation industry in the United States. Extra investment in sustainable skyscrapers is a forward-thinking solution that saves tons of resources and money in the long-term.

The tinyFarm was built to check all of these boxes.

  • COST - It's inexpensive for the amount of vegetables you can harvest in one tinyFarm. You'll pay back the cost of your indoor farm in three months!
  • PROCESS - It's easy and efficient to use. We have designed the set it and leave it tinyFarm for non-farmers...even plant killers.
  • EFFECT - Growing your own food at home will have multiple far-reaching effects to you and your entire family's health, lifestyle and grocery bill.

TinyFarm top down

Growing vegetables in your living room or kitchen may seems a strange change at first. But this quickly gets replaced by joy when tinyFarmers are empowered by their delicious living produce! They know exactly where their food is coming from, while saving money, AND creating a healthier and happier planet. It’s one of those changes you can’t help but get behind!

So. Ready to try something new? Something Green? Something life-changing?  

Join the tinyFarm revolution here.

Help us to make tinyFarming not so tiny.

May 01, 2017

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