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We tried tinySoil this Summer in our vegetable garden, Wow – were we surprised! Plants looked healthier than ever before. It is comforting to know that tinySoil is an organic product and 100% Canadian – that means a lot to our family. We look forward to using tinySoil next Summer and beyond, we may even share the secret to our success with our friends and neighbors! ~ Dale Williams CPA

Investing in Modgarden’s tinyFarm is hopefully a preamble as to what’s to come and where we are headed given our current state in the world. We can’t trust the food we consume on a daily basis, not knowing where it originates from and how it’s been corrupted.

~ Wais Achikzad, investor
We look forward to having the capacity to grow our own pure, organic greens and biological based organic foods using the modgarden system as well as towards an ongoing working relationship. ~ Wellness Suites Condominiums, Toronto

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