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Unpilled podcast regenerative farming

Regenerative Urban Farming and Personalized Nutrition with Modgarden Founder Aamar Khwaja

In episode 6 of the Unpilled Podcast, Kashif is joined by Aamar Khwaja, an ex-Wall Street Banker turned Founder & CEO of modgarden, revolutionizers of the plant growing space through soil-based modular, smart indoor, organic farming appliances. The two discuss topics such as Aamar’s early struggles with headaches and eczema, nutrition personalization, experimenting with soil, mineral consumption, photon research, as well as the secrets of the agriculture industry. For an enticing conversation that is packed with knowledge, this is a MUST-WATCH!

How does your condo grow?

by Matthew Hague

The Globe and Mail with Matthew Hague caught up with Aamar Khwaja to discuss design and growing in condos and small spaces.

Winner Milan DesignWanted

Winner of Milan Design Week’s

DesignWanted competition, Aamar Khwaja & Heather Dubbeldam were invited to Milan to exhibit tinyFarm’s cutting edge design.

NOW Magazine

NOW Magazine’s Rae Ann Fera sat down with Aamar to discuss the origins of his passion for feeding people pure living organic food. And how urbanites can control it from soil-to-fork.

Farming at home with tinyFarm: Interview with Aamar Khwaja

by Priyal Sood

Priyal sits down with Aamar Khwaja Founder of Modgarden, to discuss how design, as his North Star, relooks at urbanization with regenerative (tiny)farming paving the way to a new ecopolis.

Global News Breakfast TV

Global NEWS showed off Modgarden’s tinyFarm. Selected by a panel of judges as the top green product by the Green Living Show 2018

Join River and Imanee as they speak with Modgarden Founder Aamar Khwaja to discuss soil, the way it was, and regeneration  principles missing from our food lives.

Latepreneur Show

Paula Cooper hosts Aamar on her new podcast to discuss his plans to disrupt the vegetable industry and feed the world.

Gair Maxwell

What goes through the mind of Elon Musk, Sarah Bradley or Jeff Bezos? Gair Maxwell finds out in an interview with Aamar Khwaja as he gets to the bottom of how he plans on revolutionizing farming for urbanites.

CBC News

Aamar was invited to Matt Galloway’s Metro Morning radio show, where he talked about why and the inspiration behind Modgarden.

Foodism Toronto

Modgarden’s tinyFarm was featured in Foodism’s August 2017 issue as the traditional farming tool of the future.

Archangel Summit 2017

Take a look at Aamar’s pitch at the 2017 Archangel Summit in Toronto.

The Travelling Foodie

The Travelling Foodie showcased tinyFarm as an innovative must see at the upcoming Green Living Show

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