About Us

modgarden's mission
Modgarden is on a mission to pair beautiful, energetic design with a simple way to grow your own food. We have shrunk food production and made it possible for everyone to own a tiny farm right in the city (in your own condo or home). Join our tiny farming community and enhance your lifestyle by sowing, smelling, snipping and savouring the evocative taste of real food.
social impact
At schools, we'll help children connect to their food source. Learn about earth, microbes and of course plants. We also plan to serve inner city communities, focussing on families in need and shelters. As well, food deserts, First Nations, Nunavuts, where food attainment is challenging.
reduce foodprint
Eliminate pre-harvesting, sprayed chemicals, GMOs, processing, storage, transport from far away in plastics, and finally, wastage at home. We've figured out elegant ways to regenerate compost waste with Zero Impact.
health is wealth
Knowing that you seeded your salad in a pure earth - that you know is unfertilized, doesn't have yucky additives, or unsustainable ingredients, that you watched grow, and harvested with your own hands - ensures you're in control of your food supply and, thus, health.
financial bottomline
Harvest an organic living salad daily and save on your grocery bill. A company run with purpose, social benefit, that is engaged and thrives on community is more successful and runs longer, than a company with profit as its primary motive.
Modgarden funds research with the intention that industry funds be placed for maximum effect to the research product. As such, tinyFarm's policy is to fund research with zero overhead. If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@modgarden.com