A tiny Update: March 2018

The tinyFarm revolution has begun
After starting Modgarden three years ago, conceptualizing, strategizing, writing two patents, and developing a product that seamlessly fits into a person’s life, into YOUR life, I wanted to announce the achievement of a major milestone with the people who have been cheerleading and supporting me. 

Many of you have asked for updates along the journey, and even requested a tangible way to contribute to this socially conscious business.

First...I want you to imagine this appliance, and imagine it in your home, office, school.....then imagine it stacked almost like a bookshelf in a restaurant....it's coming!

As we ramped up....
In 2017 we participated in two pre-sale shows in Toronto to gauge interest and market reaction.

People were drawn in by the story, the benefits, the product and design. It has been a 'GO' ever since. We have already collected deposits from 150 people (86+ of them in 6 days!) and raised funding for the venture. 

AND now we've started selling! 
What you can do to help...
Buy Now
Buy one here. 

Share with your Friends
You can share our website & BUY NOW page on your social channel(s) of choice:
Facebook, Twitter, IG, Linkedin. 

Become an Investor!
Connect with me directly, if you're interested in joining my investors circle, to take this company to the next level. 
What's Next?
Over the next couple of months we'll be working on a LOT of things, including:
  • Major website update. We're moving to a blog centric site focussed engagment and education. Gear up for discussions on growing food/soil to positively impacts health and lifestyle.
  • Participating in multiple trade shows and sales events to keep moving our sales targets to the next level.
  • Fine tuning operations and customer service support for when our appliance ships out.
  • Laying the ground work for a tinyFarm @ School Program piloting this Fall!
  • Continue to pursue raising funds as a priority, in order to move the business and commercialize a cutting edge product unlike anything in the market.
Have further questions? Excited?
I'd love to hear from you.
In health,