Help us make tiny farming not so tiny

Aamar Khwaja Modgarden

Aamar - Founder & The Original Tiny Farmer

Meet Aamar Khwaja, a foodie with a fiduciary mind. Aamar is the founder of Modgarden's tinyFarm. Once a Wall Street banking professional with roles ranging from iBanking, Technology Management, Trading, Risk Management, Aamar found himself stuck and sick from his life and food.

To address his health crisis, Aamar channeled his years spent in business delivery, multi-level negotiation with large institutional clients, programme manager for JPMorgan/Bank America into his entrepreneurial solution to his own problem—modgarden.

Aamar has morphed into a dedicated entrepreneur, single dad, and a passionate believer in the power of home-grown organic food to change your health and the world around you. Aamar isn't your average tiny farmer. In fact, he's not your average anything.

Sid Modgarden

Sid - Product and Strategy

Growth and transformation executive with a proven track record of growing consumer packaged goods brands and P&L’s on high growth and struggling businesses. Highly skilled at developing successful growth strategies, building powerful brands, driving innovation and leading transformational change – taking businesses to the next level of growth.

Career highlights include three turnarounds, building a fast-growing business from scratch and leading a large transformation as head of change. Consistently exceeded internal targets and expectations on businesses ranging from $1.4Bn to $10MM.

Hope Paterson Modgarden

Hope - Engagement, Culture & tinyFarm Mama

It’s safe to say that ‘food’ is at the centre of Hope’s universe. When she’s not eating it, sniffing it out, gathering it, cooking with it, sharing it, she’s teaching about it. And now with Modgarden’s tinyfarm she’s growing it! For the past 15 years Hope has been acting in lead roles in engagement, culture creation, marketing and business development for brands across the world. She has been captured by the spirit and powerful practicality of tinyFarm and has taken on the role of Engagement Advisor and Jill of all trades for the growing tiny team. This many-hat role suits Hope’s diverse experience and broad network. She lives and breathes the target tinyFarm user persona and is game to apply it to grow this brand.

James McMillen

James McMillen - Chief Plant Person

Experienced 3rd generation horticulturist with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Renovation, Sustainable Design, Garden, Sustainability, and Submittals. Strong business development professional with a Certificate in Holistic Health and Wellness focused in Holistic Health and Nutrition from Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Laura Modgarden

Laura - Chief Brand Ambassador, Garden & Nutrition

Meet Laura Franklin—tinyFarm’s resident Holistic Nutritionist and Urban Garden Guru. Laura embodies the tinyFarm wellness spirit and “from soil-to-plate” lifestyle. She acts as a natural beacon, sending out her deep passion for nature, farming, traveling the world, fitness, and preparing delicious REAL food with everyone she comes in contact with. With over 10 years of experience in the brand ambassador and marketing field, and now a career in the holistic health world, Laura brings more than a tiny ton to the table as Chief Brand Ambassador and Garden & Nutrition Advisor for tinyFarm. Laura's got big dreams. tinyFarm is just the ticket to help her get there. She envisions a more sustainable, self-sufficient future where health stems from small shifts in our daily lives—like growing fresh, living, organic food in the comfort of our homes.

PAM Modgarden

PAM Prior – CFO

Pam is the best-selling author of “Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owners” (Publisher Morgan James, NY).

Pam has been the for CFO Gentris Corporation and Schiller Grounds Care and held key roles at DuPont US and Bristol-Myers Squibb. 

Other notable experience, lending to her role at modgarden is Pam teaming up with the CEO on major corporate realignment initiative at Greatwide Truckload Management; involving sales, operations, and administration in order to support and grow their customer and agent base.

Monica Modgarden

Monica - Logistics & Project Wrangler

Monica is part holistic operating system and part human accountability coach. Her M.O is to keep the diverse and focused modgarden team on track. Monica lives by the list and throws every inch of herself into ensuring projects, operations and logistics are mapped out, implemented, retooled, standardized, analyzed and reported on. The devil is in the details for Monica, and her 15 years of due diligence management experience enables modgarden launch on multiple levels. Modgarden is able to draw upon her wealth of  experience in marketing, operations, budgeting, merchandising, distribution, HR, design, agile project management and launching multi-stakeholder programs.

Board of Advisors

Heather Dubbeldam Modgarden

Heather - Chief Designer

Heather is the principal of Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio recognized as one of the leading design practices in Toronto. A fourth generation designer & creative thinker, Heather has lived and breathed design her entire life.  Her passion for photography, graphic and furniture design influence and enrich her award-winning architecture work and vice-versa. Awarded the 2016 Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture for her research into sustainable housing, Heather has become known for promoting a long term vision toward environmental sustainability and a commitment to incorporating sustainable design and systems into every project. tinyFarm's mandate of growing healthy food within the comfort of the home aligns perfectly with these values and Heather’s own personal philosophy about healthy living.

Justin Modgarden

Justin - Marketing

Justin has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. The University of Western Ontario business graduate is an Internet visionary that has pioneered markets, Justin has more than 18 years of startup and exit experience. Previously, he founded the first brokerage for online businesses. During that time Justin brokered $100 million in transactions to Fortune 1000 companies, PE firms, family offices and venture funds. His plethora of experience turning visions into reality makes him a known and respected player in the industry. There's nothing he loves more than fixing problems. Justin sees himself as more of a leader and a mentor rather than a boss, he creates teams of meticulously picked industry specialists to help achieve his goals.

Jabeen Modgarden

Jabeen - Exponential Sustainability

Jabeen is passionate about a functional and holistic approach to activating vibrant health and wellbeing. She firmly believes this begins with a focus on the power of food to tap into the innate intelligence of the human body. Jabeen is the Founder of Sustainability Edge Solutions. She is a Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in with organizations in diverse industry sectors. She currently works with a global community bringing exponential thinking to solve intractable urban challenges for cities around the world utilizing accelerating technologies. She has worked with industry leaders to develop sustainability programs, service offerings and education that are built on a foundation of life cycle thinking across the business value chain. She actively participates in the development of international standards for Sustainability in Buildings and Infrastructure. Jabeen’s personal Massive Transformative Purpose is: “Accelerate prosperity for ALL.”

Sanjay Bhoola

Sanjay - Business Development

Sanjay Bhoola holds a Juris Doctor in Law from Ohio Northern University. After completing his law degree, he worked for several mid to large size U.S. law firms in the area of Immigration. He then moved back to Canada where he established, Ontario Health Diagnostics Inc., a disability management company which he developed over a 5 year period. He created strategic partnerships and developed business initiatives with medical companies, healthcare professionals and legal representatives throughout Ontario. He transitioned from Ontario Health Diagnostics Inc. to the DNA Company where he serves as the Vice President of Business Development. He has been instrumental in creating extensive sales channels and clinical partnerships in both Canada and the United States. He was part of a strategic team that that has developed a first of its kind corporate health and wellness program focused on lifestyle genomics. He has created an extensive training program for healthcare professionals as well as healthcare organizations to allow for the successful integration of DNA testing into their existing practices.