Tiny Team

Help us make tiny farming not so tiny

Aamar Khwaja Modgarden

Aamar - Founder & The Original Tiny Farmer

Meet Aamar Khwaja, a foodie with a fiduciary mind. Aamar is the founder of Modgarden's tinyFarm. Once a Wall Street banker, now an entrepreneur, single dad, and a passionate believer in the power of home-grown organic food to change your health and the world around you. Aamar isn't your average tiny farmer. In fact, he's not your average anything.


Trevor - Industrial Designer & Tiny Tinkerer

Invention and innovation runs through Trevor’s veins. From the age of six, he has been influenced by numerous crafts people in his immediate family. Horology (the fancy name for watchmaking), special effects for movies, musical instrument repairs and industrial design have all been absorbed into Trevor’s unique approach to design. For the past 15 years, Trevor has become an expert in untangling things. He has worked in the film industry, museum industry, clothing industry and on numerous innovative design projects. His mission always remains the same—use simple and elegant solutions to solve problems with limited resources. And his super power? Trevor employs his winning dose of calm that enables him to action a multidisciplinary team within strict parameters to achieve lofty goals. His latest laser focus is on tinyFarm. He’s tinkering the tiny farm to be a winning urban agricultural success.

Hope Paterson Modgarden

Hope - Engagement Advisor & Tiny Farm Mama

It’s safe to say that ‘food’ is at the centre of Hope’s universe. When she’s not eating it, sniffing it out, gathering it, cooking with it, sharing it, she’s teaching about it. And now with Modgarden’s tinyfarm she’s growing it! For the past 15 years Hope has been acting in lead roles in engagement, culture creation, marketing and business development for brands across the world. She has been captured by the spirit and powerful practicality of tinyFarm and has taken on the role of Engagement Advisor and Jill of all trades for the growing tiny team. This many-hat role suits Hope’s diverse experience and broad network. She lives and breathes the target tinyFarm user persona and is game to apply it to grow this brand.


Heather Dubbeldam Modgarden

Heather - Lead Designer & Tiny Advisor

Heather is the principal of Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio recognized as one of the leading design practices in Toronto. A fourth generation designer & creative thinker, Heather has lived and breathed design her entire life.  Her passion for photography, graphic and furniture design influence and enrich her award-winning architecture work and vice-versa. Awarded the 2016 Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture for her research into sustainable housing, Heather has become known for promoting a long term vision toward environmental sustainability and a commitment to incorporating sustainable design and systems into every project. tinyFarm's mandate of growing healthy food within the comfort of the home aligns perfectly with these values and Heather’s own personal philosophy about healthy living.


Justin - CEO of needls & Tiny Advisor 

Justin has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. The University of Western Ontario business graduate is an Internet visionary that has pioneered markets, Justin has more than 18 years of startup and exit experience. Previously, he founded the first brokerage for online businesses. During that time Justin brokered $100 million in transactions to Fortune 1000 companies, PE firms, family offices and venture funds. His plethora of experience turning visions into reality makes him a known and respected player in the industry. There's nothing he loves more than fixing problems. Justin sees himself as more of a leader and a mentor rather than a boss, he creates teams of meticulously picked industry specialists to help achieve his goals.