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imagine your life with tinyFarm.

how it works

why tinySoil?

  • Full spectrum minerals and nutrients
  • Beneficial microorganisms
  • 100% naturally sourced ingredients from the Canadian north
  • Sustainable and regenerative

make your life easier & a whole lot more delicious.

tinyFarm will same you

time & money.

tinyfarm app

monitor daily nutrition consumption

Input the vegetables consumed to monitor consumption and seek recommendations on fulfilling daily nutritional requirements.

smart alerts

Receive real-time alerts to stay updated with the growing environment.

cost savings

Receive insights related to cost savings and yield of total produce to get a holistic view related to monetary savings

diagnostics & control

Built-in camera takes images of your plants intermittently and leverages modgarden’s (patent pending) Image comparison technology for instant insights into your plants’ health.

recommendation engine

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence framework helps the application learn based on experience and compare real-time findings with reference data to help optimize growth.

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Investing in Modgarden’s tinyFarm is hopefully a preamble as to what’s to come and where we are headed given our current state in the world. We can’t trust the food we consume on a daily basis, not knowing where it originates from and how it’s been corrupted.

– Wais Achikzad, investor

Your soil made growing cannabis extremely easy and actually saved me quite a bit of money on nutrients and ph balancing kits. 10/10 would recommend to anyone growing cannabis whether it be recreationally or professionally, but I would especially recommend it for beginner growers due to the fact that you don’t have to add much of anything! Just pot your seeds in this soil, add water and you’re good to go! Excellent product.

-Marco Campli, grower

We look forward to having the capacity to grow our own pure, organic greens and biological based organic foods using the modgarden system as well as towards an ongoing working relationship.

– Wellness Suites Condominiums, Toronto

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