Meet tinyFarm, an organic soil based indoor modular farm

From our living soil, to your living cells

Grow organic food indoors, no experience required

We help people without yards easily grow organic vegetables in their home so they can eat a fresh salad everyday. The tinyFarm is an easy to use appliance, that gives everyone a green thumb.

Grow variety of greens like microgreens, herbs and leafy greens as well as some root veggies!

tinyFarm is easy to use, and convenient, includes a proprietary organic soil blend and mobile App to guide you through the entire process, letting you know when your food is at its highest nutrient levels when ready for harvest.

Is your food living?

100 years ago, our plants used to grow in microbial rich soil, which gave plants “livingness”.

Today our plants are fed a ‘fast food’ diet of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, which bypass an entire ecosystem. 

So what? Our plants are imbalanced in nutrients and do not give our bodies daily needs. Our generation, as a result, is the sickest to date.