Toronto, Thursday, 11th. February 2021 – De Sousa Costa International Inc. (DeSC), announced  today that 9282181 Canada Inc. T/A modgarden™ of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a registered DeSC Expert Preferred Vendor (EPV), is to provide state-of-the-art Tiny-Farm & Tiny-Soil greenhouses as part of a major 6,250 single dwelling homes in 125 EnviroNomic™ Village communities throughout  Portugal.


These EnviroNomic™ “green” Villages will accommodate some 31,250 people, who are experiencing economic hardship, or are victims of natural disasters including returning Portuguese nationals displaced from areas of conflict currently living in informal residential areas and refugee camps.  

Completion of these EnviroNomic™ Village communities is expected to take from 4 to 5 years, with the first proof-of-concept model home expected to be built early this summer.  

The Made in Canada “tinyFarm by modgarden” integrates a series of walls of different configurations, sizes, and appliances to allow a family of up to 5 people to grow in their own organic vegetables including tall, short, and deep-rooted plants throughout the year in their own backyard.  

The decision to adopt modgarden was arrived at after in-depth research into potential for conflicts involving communal vegetable plots versus having individual homes with a vegetable greenhouse and its own modgarden proprietary natural soil blends to ensure a healthy harvest year-round and monitored with the unique modgarden™ App on most App & Smart Phones. 

The Founder and CEO of modgarden™, Aamar Khwaja, said “modgarden exceeds all environmental standards, brings long-term circular economic solutions to communities or cities, by offering high quality nutritious vegetables for every family using a new regenerative way to grow living-soil based real organic food, while at the same time reducing each household’s carbon footprint.” 

Alberto de Sousa Costa, President and CEO of De Sousa Costa International Inc. added “this project is being funded under the DeSC proprietary RippleModel™ Program by a DeSC Consortium of  International Financial Institutions (IFIs), major multinational commercial banks, insurance underwriters, and pension funds in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Spain, who  underwrite these projects on pre-approved carbon credits certified by the Clean Development  Mechanism Executive Board (CDMEB) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate  Change (UNFCCC). Projects that meet their stringent environmental and sustainable development  goals on climate change create new jobs and significantly reduce the number of disenfranchised people  in the Country.” 

The foregoing statements made herein reflect De Sousa Costa International Inc. and 9282181 Canada Inc. T/A modgarden expectations at the date of this News Release and may be subject to change after  the date hereof. Unless required by applicable laws, De Sousa Costa International Inc. and 9282181 Canada Inc. T/A modgarden expressly disclaim any intention, and assurances given herein, for reasons  beyond their control and assume no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements,  whether because of new information, restrictions, future events or otherwise.  

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