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The Accidental Urban Gardener (The New Yorker)

It's a marvelous thing when you discover someone who loves both food and gardening and has a way with words that captures your imagination. Charlotte Mendelson does just that. She is a prize-winning novelist who shares her path to becoming an avid grower of vegetables with a voracious vocabulary and...

September 18, 2017

Microgreens for the masses: A quick and easy guide for how to grow your own (The Sacramento Bee)

Tender. Packed with nutrients. Gorgeous on any plate. There's no wonder that microgreens are making little green waves in the culinary world. The trouble is...they can be expensive and hard to source throughout the seasons. This is where Modgarden's tinyFarm has your back. Our tinyFarm has been designed to grow nutrition...

September 11, 2017

Gardening, a Tool for Happy Healthier Kids (excerpt from The Washington Post)

We believe that gardening shouldn't just be left to grown ups. In fact, our enthusiasm for giving kids (aka tinyFarmers) to exposure and tools to grow their own food at home is of the utmost importance to our team. Thank you Shannon Brescher of the Washington Post this article gives us more fodder...

September 04, 2017

Vertical Planting Trends for Your Garden (Ham & High Property)

Our tinyFarmers love vertical farming, not only is it a practical space saving method it's also the latest trend in gardening. This article from Ham & High Property will give you some great ideas on how to bring vertical farming practicality to your garden. Read on.....

August 28, 2017

Why Local Food is Better for You (and Why MORE Local is Even Better)

According to Harvard Medical School, "...food traveling over long distance loses nutrients, it is better to grow and eat locally". But is that enough? Certainly, it is more traceable, less hands have touched the veggies and fruits, but buying "local" doesn't always mean it's pure. Ask your farmer if it's chemical/pesticide...

May 24, 2017


Healing Herbs for the Soul

How do we become increasingly mindful of of our bodies and minds? These herbs can help you with that.

May 15, 2017

Why We Should Accept Green Technologies (Even if It's Terrifying)

Green innovation is top of mind at the tinyFarm Lab. We're hunting for inspiration, collaborating with the best and reminding ourselves of all the reasons why going green is great. Find out how and why the tinyFarm is one of the most compelling green technologies to come on the market...soon....

May 01, 2017


Organic Food IS Worth the Money (and how we can give it to you virtually for free)

The tinyFarmer is truly picky about sourcing food. Reading labels and understanding food origins and treatment is paramount. We are what we eat right? Dive in here and find out why organic food IS really worth it for our health. We may even share a secret on how you can...

April 21, 2017


Want your child to eat more greens? Let them grow them! BY our mom/CNP crush Sarah Bester

As the modgarden TinyFarm movement gets rolling, we've been connecting and collaborating with some pretty awesome people. Meet Sarah Bester (CNP)! She is a Family Nutritionist and Picky Eating Coach who helps busy moms raise healthy eaters instead of picky eaters. As a certified holistic nutritionist, with an expertise in...

April 15, 2017