Ponder this timely question…

How do we get kids eager to tuck into vegetables?

This battle of the broccoli may not be as difficult as you think. The equation has two sides. We parents (yes- the Tinyfarmer is a parent!) are invested in putting hard earned dollars into high quality foods. Kids are invested in eating things that are familiar to them.

So how do we marry these two intentions?

Get kids involved in food any way you can. Kids are much more likely to chomp down on their greens when they are involved in some aspect of growing or choosing their veggies. 

Choose from our kid-approved recipes, each including an ingredient that’s easy for your child to grow right in their own kitchen (either in a TinyFarm or in pots). As they plant, water, and watch new sprouts emerge, they can look forward to the tasty dish they’ll soon be making. Hint….tiny farmers make awesome tiny chefs which leads to awesome eaters!

  • Spinach

This muscle builder is easy to grow in your own Tinyfarm. It’s just the veggie to pair with cheesy mashed potatoes, in a side dish no kid (or adult) can resist. Note: make this one with your kids. If they taste it every step of the way, they’re more likely to eat the finished product!

  • Microgreens

All kinds of different sprouts can be grown quickly by tiny hands, providing the green (and the vitamins) in this tasty and delicious rainbow bowl. Hey – people big and small all love rainbows. This recipe ingredients can be tweaked depending on what your kids like to eat in each colour.

  • Basil
Pizzas and pastas generally receive zero complaints at the dinner table. A staple in Italian cuisine, basil provides a burst of fresh flavour alongside its favourite food partner in crime: tomatoes. This soup offers a hearty (and easy) twist on classic lasagna.
  • Lettuce

For a household with many conflicting palates, make-your-own dinner night creates a simple solution for pleasing everyone. Set out bowls with several different veggies and fillings and let kids pile up their own tacos as they like, using lettuce leaves instead of taco shells for a healthier crunch.

  • Mint

Ask your kids if they feel like ‘growing some cookies’ and you’ll likely get a resounding yes. Grab some mint from your tiny farm to put a fresh spin on the classic chocolate chip recipe. Desserts can benefit from greens too!

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