What if we told you there is a micro-farm in the comfort of your home that allows you to grow your own nutrient-rich tasting, delicious organic vegetables? 

Would you invest in the brand? 

Because suddenly, you can. 

tinyFarm is an affordable, smart, modular growing system that provides nutrients from soil-to-fork. Ensuring you know exactly what your family eats all the way from the organic soil, to heirloom seeds, and the leafy greens you harvest for your plate. 

Simply plant a broad variety of leafy greens, herbs , and micro-greens in your tinyFarm and harvest a daily meal for you and your family. 

We are a company that focuses on balancing people, the future, and profit. Through our journey we’ve received many inquiries on how people can get involved with the future of indoor gardening! 

We’re INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce that opportunity has finally arrived!

modgarden is LIVE on Title3Funds and currently accepting investments from everyday and accredited investors. Our current raise is in place to help us reach our goal towards becoming the leader of the tinyFarm revolution!

Ultimately, we want to be recognized as the go-to partner for parents and health savvy individuals looking for higher quality food right in the comfort of their own home. 

So you may be wondering, “Why should I invest with modgarden?”

We’re going to lay it out for you right here, and by doing so hope that you join our active and growing community of investors today. 

But First, modgarden’s Story

Our Founder, Aamar Khwaja, struggled for years with strange symptoms in his body until one day, he decided that enough was enough while moving to Toronto. After continuous research, Aamar realized that the symptoms were caused due to a lack of minerals.

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With the realization that minerals are the key, Aamar wanted to share his findings with the world and “Give farming and food back into the people’s hands.”

Aamar set the course by solving the 2 main problems in the world: Food and Disease.

His own experience helped him make the connection that “poor” food leads to disease. Naturally, he wanted to solve the problem with nutrient-dense food to impact humans’ high disease rates.

“If you’ve ever walked into a big chain market, you know that high-quality, locally-grown, nutritious food isn’t necessarily affordable. Low-income communities are severely affected by dietary-related diseases and don’t have access to nutrient-dense food sources.” 

People often struggle with deciding between paying for rent or putting food on the table—a world none of us want to live in. 

To help those that need it most, Aamar realized that good food needs to be affordable for underserved communities.

Now back to why you should invest with us…

We’re on a Mission to Democratize Farming 

Our vision is to have a tinyFarm in everyone’s home, and by doing so, we would successfully democratize farming again. 

Over the last century, democracy has been squeezed out of food production. The industrialization of farming has left a slew of injustices in its wake, from agricultural pollution, pesticides and nitrates, to lower incomes and less autonomy for farmers and rural communities. We have also seen reduced access to fresh, healthy, and nourishing food for families across the globe. 

Industrial agriculture has treated the farm as a factory with “inputs” (pesticides, fertilizers) and “outputs” (crops). The primary objective is increasing yields while controlling costs. Usually, by exploiting economies of scale — in agriculture, this means large-scale, industrial monocropping. 

The corporate approach to farming undermines a healthy food and farm economy, distances farmers from their craft, and leaves consumers disconnected from their food supply.  

By using  tinyFarm, we hope more and more people see how our food should be grown, distributed, and prepared. Ultimately we want to give the power of food back to the people empowering them to grow their own nutritious greens from home—WITHOUT having to rely on agribusiness. 

We believe that a tinyFarm allows the consumer to streamline the process and finally be in charge of their food quality.

We’re Making Nutritious Food a Human Right for Everyone

“I’m guiding the ship and am fully empowered to develop value to society without compromise and to solve a dire need in the market for people who are interested in eating living food,” notes Amar. He is not at the behest of someone else’s sole pursuit of profits. Rather, the core to modgarden ethos is to do well by doing good. 

While sustainability is essential and necessary, providing a fundamental right for everyone is more important: food that is healthy and can be grown on your own in order to know exactly what you’re feeding yourself and your family. 

modgarden is working relentlessly to change the face of urban agriculture, with a focus on those with low incomes who cannot afford expensive organic food at the grocery store.

Organic, healthy food is a fundamental human right for everyone; we believe everyone should have it for free or at farm prices. Moreover we believe the people should be the farmers and enjoy evocative healthy food. Amar adds, “When you consider that amazingly 1% and 2% of the farms in the US and Canada are respectively organic, that places an urgency on us more than ever.”

We’re Creating a Community Around the New Organic 

modgarden is on a mission to create a community around tinyFarm and to provide accessible food for everyone on the planet in an affordable way.

“I want a tinyFarm in every home. Our model will bring back traditional farming to the comfort of our homes. A tinyFarm is the meaning of soil-based biological methods or the organic way.” 

We’re trying to leave an impact and be the cornerstone for re-educating people back into farming again. All while creating a community that understands what it truly means to be organic. Think about it, organic today has lost its meaning. Greenwashing has made it extremely difficult to discern what’s really good for you and what’s simply marketing. 

We’re changing all that at modgarden and empowering people to grow real organic food through healthy soil, organic heirloom seeds, convenience, and complete transparency. 

We plan to lead the indoor farming industry and create community by putting the organic back into organic. For instance, “We see people trading their mint for kale, their parsley for basil, all grown in their apartment buildings or urban living setups,” says Aamar as he explains the endless community growth he envisions with tinyFarm.  

The modgarden Product Line is Versatile and User-Friendly

We designed our business model to be made up of 2 main components:

Reviving the foundation for of our food- the soil

Making our products as convenient as possible for the user

Imagine that you’re sitting at your dinner table, and reach right over and pick your leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, or lettuce, or herbs like mint, rosemary, or parsley for a family’s daily consumption. 

We’ve designed a series of product to make this a reality: 

The tinyFarm—the “Keurig” of fresh, nutrient-rich produce:

● Proprietary, patent-protected, smart indoor garden appliance

● Enables users to grow organic produce in the comfort of their homes

● Sit at your dinner table and reach over to pick leafy greens, herbs, and even

● Convenient: the app will monitor growth, prompting users for watering and

● harvest

The tinyWall—customizable, “LEGO” like stacks of tinyFarm:

● Modular, stackable design allows for ‘LEGO’ like additions for a customizable output.

The tinySoil—the lifeblood of everything: 

● proprietary, nutrient-rich soil to grow pure food

● Prefabricated cartridges of our trade secret, nutrient-rich, contamination-free soil that slides into the tinyFarm module in specialized trays

We simplified the growing process by providing pre-fabricated soil cartridges and pre-assembled seed-sheets inserted into the smart farm in specialized trays. 

Invest in modgarden to Make Pure Food More Accessible and Affordable

Most people are not eating well OR living healthy lives due to chemically grown food that doesn’t provide bioavailable nutrients. Our current agrisystem produce takes up to 10 days to reach the grocer from the farm, each day diminishing its nutritional value while each step adds another pair of hands to your food as it approaches your kitchen.

Think of that! The current system means between thirty to fifty pairs of hands touch your food before it lands on your table, which is a concern in an age of airborne illnesses like COVID. 

So what now? modgarden is looking to raise seed funding in order  to launch in Toronto before we scale our mission! How can you join in the future of indoor gardening? We have joined forces with Title3Funds so you can join our movement! 

Highlights of modgardens investment opportunity include

● Large and growing $125 Bn global market 

● Addresses issues around the quality and accessibility of food

● Winner of QVC’s The Big Find Award and the Milan

● Design Week Award

● The intersection of key trends 

● High consumer interest from quantitative research

● Strong team and board of advisors

● Vision and growth strategy that connects to our purpose

We would LOVE for you to explore the campaign page, ask any and all questions while we collectively make tinyFarm not so tiny!

Sounds interesting? We thought so! Aamar wants to thank each and every one of you for investing not only in the future of indoor gardening, but the future health of those around you. Be sure to include why you decided to invest and he will make sure to reach out and thank you! 

Thank you, from all of us on the  modgarden Team! We look forward to growing with each and every one of you!